Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mr Elf


Sometimes in life, I find a special friend..
Someone who changes my life just by being part of it..
Someone who makes me laugh until I can't stop..
Someone who makes me believe that there really is good in the world..
Someone who convinces me that there really is 
an unlocked door just waiting for me to open it..
It's you and always it's you, brother..
*sbb awk lahir 2 bulan awal dari saya.. that's a fact..Huhu..*

Mr Elf.. Congrats on surviving another year..
Wishing you all the great things in life.. Be the best of yourself..
Zillion thanks for being the bestest buddy ever! I really appreciate it..
*sepanjang kita kawan, banyak masa awak terluang untuk disusahkan oleh saya.. sorry.. sape suh kawan ngn saya kan.. hikkk..*
Walaupun kita semakin jauh tapi saya takkan lupakan awak, juga sang lipas yg telah memalukan saya depan awak the first time we met, ten years ago.. How time flies.. Till I see you again.. 


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